Wordpress support (doodle plug-in or integration) + form for ordering T-Shirts, training clothes


Job Description

I will need either a doodle like plug-in to run on our website (http://www.rvlinden.de/) or otherwise a site template with full width (without sidebar) to be able to include regular doodle.

I tried myself a lot to find a plug-in where persons can enter their participation like it is done with doodle. I didn't find anything similar at all, but maybe you have any suggestion?

Otherwise I have plug-in called (TGN Embed everything) with that I could embed via iframe the regular doodle survey.

Other great thing to have would be a page were you can order training clothes, so a) page that shows available clothes and b) a form where you can enter how many, which sizes you want to order. Nothing complicated and too complex, but maybe you have an idea or experiences with that!? PS.: No shop system, just a form sending function or sth. much smaller!