Social Media - Message Handling and Content Writing (Interior Design experience preferred)


Job Description

I am a Design Consultant working with one of the highest end furniture brands in North America. I am looking to expand my business via Facebook. I already have someone who is helping me with getting likes for my fan page and Group members for my Group.

However, as smart as he is with that project, he is not that good on the artistic part. Here is where you come into the scene...

Your tasks on a daily basis is to find new Interior Design related contents to be posted on my page and group. You are capable of finding educational subjects. I am in the business of adding value to people's lives not wasting their life. If you are a little bit artistic that is easy to do and I can show you how.
In addition, you would interact with new people who join my fan page and my group. Here is where you would bond with them and get my relationship with people to a more personal degree. Then very indirectly we would introduce my business. So you are heart of my money making machine.

You need to be:
- A genuine bonder
- Very comfortable interacting with people and getting them to talk about themselves.
- You care about people, you are a good listener.
- Your English level is 10 out of 5. (I would test your English on Skype)
- You are very communicative and you are good at giving me daily reports
- If you have an Interior Design Credential or Experience you would go to the top of the List. (Passion for Interior Design is a MUST)
- You have done Content Writing before.
- You are looking for long-term

Please send me a cover letter and tell me why you are THE PERFECT fit for this project based on the job description.