Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant


Job Description

We need someone that strives for high quality and is trustworthy with their time and is diligent about the task at hand.

These are requirements:

Must be able to at a minimum add content/pictures/videos to Wordpress websites and OpenCart sites. Simple items that constantly need to be done.

We need someone to help us monitor our current virtual staff, respond to emails to the team, keep things organized.

We need someone to be able to use Basecamp, Google Drives, Docs, Excel, and can learn a new one quickly, in Pivotaltracker. We need these maintained and updated constantly with good communication skills.

We need someone who can look at a website and determine where there are flaws or errors and be able to communicate those errors with screen shots and clearly stated items for corrections.

Also someone that can build quick lead lists in excel and can use Google very well.

For this we ensure a lot of hours and a long term relationship.

Thank you in advance.

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