Pickup & Dating Expert

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

***If that description is YOU then you will be paid for doing what you LOVE and getting better with women and dating pretty soon :)***


You are a PICKUP and DATING "expert".
As a young man you totally love the niche.

Mystery, Style, David De Angelo, Vin di Carlo...you know them all.
You know a ton of routines also.

Routines like the "best friend test", thumbwrestling or Styles Evolution Phaseshift Routine are just a few of the hundreds of routines you perfectly know.

You also used them on girls in the past and had a lof of fun with them.
You LOVE reaserching books, seminars and videos about this area.

In fact you could do this all day long.
If so, we need to talk.

We have a fast growing dating business in the US.
We help thousands of men get better with women.

At the moment we are looking for a fantastic dating coach who can apply the aspects of advanced dating and pickup material and helps us set dates for our customers.

And believe it or not: Finally you will be PAID for doing what you LOVE :)

If this sounds like easy money for a fun job, then because it is.

So naturally you need to have some experience in this field to know "good" from "bad" advice. Ideally you already have helped some other men getting better with women themselves successfully in the past.

This is not a "must have" but it would be fantastic.

Put "pickup" at the beginning of your cover letter


PS: DONT bid if you dont fit EXACTLY to what i wrote above

PPS: If you DO, then i am totally looking forward to talk with you :)