Matlab/JAVA Connection to Betfair API NG

Matlab/JAVA Connection to Betfair API NG


Job Description


Matlab and/or Java code that allows for following actions:

1) Make connection to Betfair Free Access API-NG and keep Session key alive
2) Create classes/methods that provide the possibillity for the following actions:
a. Login/logout to site (api/site uses security certificates)
b. Get all markets
c. Get orderbook/(odds and volume) of a market ( both matched and unmatched bets)
d. Place/Cancel bet
e. Get info about event/market. ( for instance if betting on Chelsea-Everton, then I would like the date of when the game is about to start etc.)
f. Get outstanding matched/unmatched bets

Expected reguired skills: Matlab or Java, WSDL/SOAP.

You are free to use Matlab or Java as long as I can execute the commands A to F from either Java or Matlab