Killer Web Sites

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are looking for several websites to be built, all with the ability to communicate with each other and link to each other.

We need one Main Page that is SUPER sexy, modern, futuristic in look, feel, interface, yet classic and not overwhelming for visitors to understand who we are and what we offer. A good example of what we would be looking for can be found at

The main website will act as information with the ability to navigate to another site, which either opens up within the main website, or overtop. It will be a full functional E-Commerce site, for ordering, paying and dispatching the services.

A 3rd site that will be needed is a site where consumers can go and order templates services. Template videos that can they can view, choose and have ordered. When they select the video they wish to purchase they will fill out an online form of what they would like to have placed as text in the video, as well as uploading any logos or images to be included. A good website to view as an example is

All 3 of these sites need to be interconnected.

We are not interested in WORD-PRESS websites, if that is all you know how to do, or template websites please do not apply.


We are offering website development to all of our clients, so ours needs to be top Notch!, as well we would only naturally refer and send them to you to build which would be a continus flow of new clients.