Creation of 2D Dimensioned Drawings from 3D Drawings


Job Description

We are looking for someone with the ability to create construction drawings in Autodesk Inventor from given 3D drawings.

You will be required to:
-Use Autodesk Inventor 2013 (so that you can read our files and we can read yours. Would also be bonus if you know how to use the weldments section of Inventor, adding where welds should be on the 3D drawing and on the 2D drawing.
-Make readable dimensioned drawings.
-Use the code TRHC2013 when applying, so that I know you have read the whole description.
-Have good general technical knowledge

Please have a look at the attachment as an example of the finished drawing, as we would require something to this standard.

When apply, please also state how much you would charge for a job like the one attached, and also how long on average it would take you to produce it.

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