Creating an leads list of People within the Optometry Profession.


Job Description

Simple directions, High ratings/reccomendations for those who perform well.

I need someone to scour the internet for emails of people within the Optometry Profession in Canada and America.

I want the leads organized into an excel spreadsheet with the headings: Name, Place of work (e.g. lenscrafters pharmacy), contact email, contact number, and additional notes (for any extra information that you think may be relevant to me). Email and name and place of work are essential, but up to 20% of the leads may be missing their contact number if you cannot find it.

I want 500 leads for the profession in total, 200 of the leads must be from the Toronto, Canada area. The other 300 leads can be from anywhere in Canada and America.

As I am doing market research good work will be rewarded with more contact list generation work.