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Marketing Manager


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I am a local Orlando small business owner that has been marketing and selling a product line of automotive car care appearance products since 2002. Our flagship product is EZdetailer, The only all in one Carnauba Cleaner wax. It replaces 10 products in one. EZdetailer is an incredible demo product and once a customer sees the product work they are sold. When we started the company in 2002 we chose to use Gorilla demonstration retail sales event marketing. We developed a national program working on the local level with Walmart doing the demo's while raising money for whatever charity that Walmart donated money to. In 5 years we expanded the program to include national sales at Sam's Club, AAFES(military bases), Bj's wholesale, and independent gas stations averaging $700k/year in sales. Since 2002 we have sold well over 1 million cans and have created a local customer base that now reorders the product on line at a rate of about $50k/year in sales. We still have 5 independent distributor teams doing the event sales at independent gas stations selling upwards of 6k cans per month per team. We also have just landed a deal with Costco for their roadshow program.

Here is my problem. I have been working on retail for about 3 years by finding manufacture reps that have connections with chain retail stores. I am attempting to create my own market category as an All in One product to be able to compete with the well known brands. No other company has such a product that is an all in one. I even have filed for the trade mark "The only all in one" in the class. My TM attorney believes I have a 90% chance of getting it.

I was able to find a Rep that was a former buyer for Pep Boys and has gotten my foot in the door. Two years in a row I have been to Pep Boys and they have not taken the product. The buyer loves the product and the idea of the all in one, but just doesn't think it will sell because it is not a recognized brand. Next month we are back at Pep for the 2014 line review and I fear a repeat of the previous years. I have also pitched Canadian Tire this year for 2014 and should hear back by the end of this month.

In June, I ran a national test for the commercial you see at the below website It was scheduled for a national test to run for 2 weeks, $20k. The first 3 days I had 6 orders. To save money I canceled the media buy and tried to switch everything to an adwords PPA banner and text ad campaign spending $50 per day. We have had about 3 orders in 2 months.

There are now well funded companies that are starting up, knocking of my product and gaining retail placement, I am starting to loose my grip on my potential opportunity. They are capitalizing on the product awareness that I have been creating since 2002 with an inferior product Dry Shine.

I need help. I can't afford a big marketing company but need somebody that has the skills and experience to get the job done.

I would be interested, and appreciate greatly to hear your feedback and if you think this is something that you can help me out with.