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Job Description


I need a photoshop composition for a landing page that is functionally exactly the same as this following example:

I will want you to pitch concepts for graphics, images etc.

We'll buy the stock need where necessary.

For the most part the design is limited to the header, the font used on the feature boxes in the middle and the report cover.

This project is for Sports Executive based website. The audience is students interested in getting into the sports business.

Therefore we want something clean and executive based, but also young, hip and fresh to appeal to a younger demographic as well.

I have made a lightbox on iStock photo with my early collection of graphic inspirations and potential conceptual directions.


Hiring requirements.

We are looking for Photoshop/Design/Layout experts, with plenty of experience, feedback and yet still priced with a degree of common sense.

We are NOT looking for people with no hours or experience. This is NOT an learning-on-the-job situation.

We are NOT looking for a conceptual superstar who charges a premium for creative genius. This is more production than design, therefore if you are a good production designer this is a perfect fit for you.

You will be art directed, but your concepts are definitely requested.

Please mention #PhotoShop in the first line of your application. Failure to do so will result in your application being rejected. We're looking for attention to detail and those who took the time to read the entire requirements.

Thanks for you interest.

Only those considered for the project and short-listed will be contacted.

Please bid your FIXED price, but may hire hourly as well. (estimate hours to complete with 2 rounds of completion revisions)



Skills: graphics, design, sports, layout-design

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