Software Developer - Ongoing Full Time

Software Developer - Ongoing Full Time


Job Description

Job Title: Software Developer

TechCliks is a software startup in the USA. We create web and mobile software applications.

We are looking for a software developer with a take-charge attitude and a passion for technology to join our company full-time. A successful candidate will have strong technical skills, collaborative skills and can get things done. Although your raw software engineering skills and understanding of fundamentals is part of our evaluation, we also seek candidates who are flexible and have a willingness to expand their technical expertise, and solve difficult problems in various domains- both technical and non-technical.

This position grants plenty of freedom. There will not be a whip-holding manager that provide recipe-like step by step instructions on the method and fashion to complete your tasks. We will work together to provide you sufficient guidance and explanations, but ultimately you must be comfortable at being independent, making decisions and pushing the project further. You will work remotely and will need a proper working environment for this position: computer and a reliable Internet connection. You must be a proactive participant, English is a must - daily check-ins and communication is expected.

This is an unique and exciting position for those that seek challenges, enjoy a non-traditional work setting, and want to be part of the start-up generation.

Required Working Environment:
- Stable High Speed Internet
- Computer with mac or ubuntu OS
- Microphone or telephone to communicate via Skype

Technical Skills:
- php, javascript, jquery, html5, css, mysql, mongodb, mvc frameworks, any other programming language.
- Should be able to operate Linux environment.
- Prior experience building web based applications.
- Basic understanding of algorithms and Object oriented programming.

Basic Computer and Internet Skills:
- Read, compose and organize communication via an email system i.e. outlook, gmail
- Use electronic calendaring systems to set appts, manage time, and organize schedule
- Write, edit with a text editing software i.e. Word, Notepad
- Basic understanding of spreadsheet utilizations, formulas, editing and formatting i.e. Excel
- Knowledgeable about common social media applications i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
- Ability to install, review settings and set up software
- Search for tutorials, videos and open databases i.e. Youtube
- Update electronic task lists
- Use software for team collaborative purposes i.e. Asana, Teambox
- Use various types of modern browsers i.e. Chrome, IE, Firefox

Reading, Written and Verbal:
- General mathematics ie. algebra, calculus, statistics
- Basic English written skill
- Basic English verbal skill
- Ability to read charts and graphs
- Know how to organize and handle large databases
- Can follow mock-ups and design documents

- Flexible
- Organized
- Passionate
- Attentive
- Responsible
- Detailed
- Communicative
- Proactive
- Independent

Salary: $500 per month, on going

Start Date: Upon hire.

Application Process:
1. Respond with a casual email introducing yourself.
2. Attach a resume.
3. We will contact you if selected with further instructions.

Please feel free to ask questions in your introductory email.

Skills: engineering, english, mvc, linux, gmail, facebook, twitter, youtube, mathematics, algebra, design

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