PPC Management / Adwords / Google Merchant Account

PPC Management / Adwords / Google Merchant Account


Job Description

I. Introduction
1.1 Purpose
This document serves as the Expectations and Deliverables Document for the outsourced pay-per-click (PPC) marketing specialist. The purpose of the document is to facilitate the understanding of roles and expectations; to ensure progress is tracked and all deliverables are realized; and to ensure necessary reporting documentation, and any supporting materials, are complete and delivered at the frequency described.

1.2 Scope
This Expectations and Deliverables Document defines roles, expectations and responsibilities for the PPC marketing specialist as well as provides strategies to ensure these actions and activities are carried out in a way that supports the marketing objective of generating more sales from the online store.

2.1 PPC Marketing Specialist
The PPC marketing specialist is responsible for configuring, managing, allocating budgets and reporting results of the Google and Bing pay-per-click advertising campaigns, to include the Google AdWords campaign account, Google Merchant Account and Bing AdCenter account.
In this capacity, the PPC marketing specialist is expected to:
• Actively and capably serve as manager for day-to-day and long-term operations, budgeting and decision-making as it relates to the Google AdWords, Google Merchant Account and Bing AdCenter accounts.
• Based on the contractor's own knowledge and experience, provide suggestions for creating and/or altering landing pages to improve conversion. Respond in the first line with the word expert.
• Identify competitors and monitor competitor PPC campaign activity.
• Develop ideas, formulate recommendations and implement solutions for the intent of driving sales and revenue from the PPC campaign.
• Take part in conference calls and other formal communication as requested.
• Provide weekly report of activities, including weekly metrics such as clicks, click through rate (CTR), and cost per click (CPC), as well as longer-term analysis including critical measurements relating to return on investment(ROI) based on sales of products.

2.2 Contract Manager
A contract manager will be appointed to coordinate and review all progress and deliverables of the PPC marketing specialist position. The contract manager has the responsibility for ensuring all deliverables meet contractual requirements, and providing regular feedback to the PPC marketing specialist.

III. Responsibilities
The goal of the PPC campaign is to attract qualified traffic from Internet users searching the photographer, genre, or subject of an available photograph, and send this traffic to the appropriate page on the ecommerce site for conversion to sales.

The PPC marketing specialist is expected to use the following tools in conjunction with Google AdWords, Google Merchant and Bing Ad accounts (see 1.3 Document Glossary for an explanation of terms):
• Ad extensions
• Dynamic Remarketing
• Remarketing
• Adwords tracking
• Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking
• Offer Extensions

IV. Deliverables
As described in 2.1 PPC Marketing Specialist, the primary deliverable for the contractor will be the weekly reporting of all PPC campaign-related activities, as well as longer-term trends based on metrics and analysis, including ROI of product sales.

In addition, the PPC Marketing Specialist shall provide the following deliverables:
• Access via Skype during reasonable business hours and on an "as needed" basis outside of reasonable business hours.
• Fluency in both spoken and written English.
• Participation in morning conference calls as requested.

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