Are You A Rails 3 Developer Looking To Work On A Cool Product With A Stress-free Team?

Are You A Rails 3 Developer Looking To Work On A Cool Product With A Stress-free Team?


Job Description

Sick of clients treating you like a slave? Hate working on multiple projects? Want to see your code actually visible in production and helping people's lives?

Then you should seriously consider joining Helpjuice. We're a small startup that helps companies reduce their support by using our knowledge base / faq software.

We're looking for someone who's passionate about building GREAT software to work with me (the founder) and our designer. You'd work directly with us, and would be able to contribute ideas for the software, which we could potentially integrate.

** Why work at Helpjuice?
- We're really flexible with when you want to work. Work from a beach at 9am, work from home at 6pm, it's totally cool, as long as you get your work done..and your code's clean (and functional, obviously)

- We build software that competes with very large companies

- We're crazy about optimizing the product to be better and better. However, we don't spend time optimizing stuff that won't impact the user. We only optimize what's valuable to the customer/user

** What's expected from YOU ?
- Clean & bug-free coder. Okay, it's almost impossible to write bug-free software, but we're really looking for someone who knows what they're doing. If we deploy your code and it's buggy, our customers are affected by it.

- If you screw something up, you should fix it.

- Be able to commit 15-20 hours a week.

- Proficient in Ruby on Rails 3, jQuery and haml/sass knowledge.

** How to apply?
Please reply with a couple examples of web apps that you've built and code examples. Candidates that don't provide examples WILL NOT be considered.