Implementation barriers of Zero Net energy Building in UAE - Neep a writer for the topic ASAP


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I need a pro writer with background in Engineering/Architecture to assist me in writing a paper about Implementation barriers of Zero Net energy Building in UAE

Problem statement In the modern construction industry, zero net energy concept is becoming more and more in the center of spotlight specially that governmental orientation is toward a sustainable community, so the number of net zero energy projects will grow. Zero net energy building is high complicated sustainable building which expected to perform in a very high efficient energy saving mode. These multiple task s makes it vey hard to achieve a zero net energy building in the recent available technology, but it is still possible with choosing the right building with the right technology along with the right team in a nearly perfect settings. The concept of ZNE considered newly addressed in the UAE industry, thus most of the construction parties still dealing with it exactly the same way as conventional project which lead to major problem in different areas and levels, when the advance experience in ZNEB had proved that net zero energy building need special treatment at all phases of the execution. As a result we can conclude that in UAE market the involved parties participating in implementing ZNE process should realize the barriers that hold this process back to overcome it.

Objective The objective of this study is to:
1. Investigate the perception base line for the construction industry-owners-designers-consultants-contractors- about sustainability and sustainable construction as a starting point for movement toward zero net energy techniques
2. Illustrate the barriers that holding back the right practice in zero net energy buildings projects.
3. Choose the appropriate correction actions toward practice that suit the UAE community in a similar projects in future

Perfect English is a must

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