Amibroker code into blogger blog page within Yahoo and other charts


Job Description

We use Yahoo ! charts on
The charts are live and some charts are fetched from other sources too. I want the user to do the following :

1. Use the Amibroker formula language code attached and implement it on the live charts from different sources that are hosted on my blog.
2. After implementation, any chart chosen on must give buy/sell signals as the AFL would do on Amibroker.
3. No other change on shall be permitted.
4. The bidder must host the same thing on a demo blogspot blog of his/her choice and satisfy us about the performance of the code. Only then shall the payments be released.
5. Bidders must be conversant with Amibroker codes and must demonstrate their ability in taking up the project.
6. Once coded, signals generated shall be checked with Amibroker signals and they must match.
7. Screenshot of output chart attached along with the code.

Skills: yahoo

Open Attachment