Fast Keyword Tool


Job Description

Step 1:
Use one keyword, set the right language for Google, like or etc
Then load the alphabet (suplied by us) and report back all the keywords from Google Instant.
Example: keyword + a
Keyword + ab
This has to be multithread, so it goes fast with a delay so Google won't ban your IP too fast.
Remove keywords with certain characters in them and remove duplicate keywords.

Step 2:
get the exact searches per keyword with the Google Keyword Planner based on the country selected in step 1.
So the software must have the fields for their Adwords username and password.
User must be able to filter the keywords based on say: X amount of words in the keyword or X amount of searches example 1,000+ searches.
User must be able to save the file in txt or CSV format.
Tool must have a clear button to clear Step 1 and 2 if they want to start with a new keyword.

Step 3
The tool has to be fully protected so it can't be cracked nor shared and only can be used on one PC.
License has to be given out automatically after purchase.
Licenses must be stored in a database.

No browser must be showing when using the tool, so all has to happen inside the tool.
It has to work on any PC.

This tool will need maintenance over time so when you do a great job we can talk about a full time job within our company.

If you are interested in this job send a PM with "Yes, I would like a job" and we take it from there.
We will NOT respond to automated messages!
We are looking for someone that can get the job done fast.

This tool must have a GUI and be a totally finished product.