transfer files from server to another

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Job Description

script can be written in linux-friendly language but it probably makes more sense to have a it as a bash script.

All steps must be echo to the screen and appended to a log file with a timestamp.
script A will run on Master
script B will run on Slave.

script A:
tarzip a predefineed set of files (need the ability to specify several sets of files) and tarzip them by passing a parameter

script B:
ftp tgz file from Master
shutdown mysql server
untar files into a specific directory (all files are assumed be in the same folder... although the actual name off origin and destination folder might differ)
restart mysql server

Not sure if that is possible but it would be great to run everything from slave or master by just invoking some type of ssh sesion (I suppose a php induced synching could work too but I don't like it)

If iinterested make sure:
- first word of your reply is BA88
- let me know how many odesk hours you need
- if you can do it right away

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