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app developer


Job Description

I have a program that is functioning on pc's and mac that alerts users when a new message has been posted.

The user installs a "notifier icon" that runs in their desktop tray. When a new message is available for viewing the notifier icon changes and user is alerted by a pop up bubble and an audio "ring"

You can view the program at

I need to develop a notifier for android, iphone tablet etc that user can be notified of new message when one is available.

The app needs to poll the web api on a regular basis just like the desktop client does. When a new prayer request is made, all the users who check will see a "1" rather than a "0" from the web api

[An app developer needs to write this as a notification type app that runs in the background, checks regularly to see if it has Wi-Fi or Network access, and if so, call the API. If a 1 occurs, fire a notification and beep (or something)

If the user selects the notification alert we can opt to show the request directly or link the user via the default browser

I need someone relatively skilled in both iphone/android development, they can't cheat and do phonegap work since you cannot make a phonegap background service