Video Programming

Video Programming


Job Description

We need a developer who can produce a windows code module (dll) to extract
specific parts of a video and join them together again using c++, c# or some 3rd
party addin. We have an existing c# application that will call the dll to be
developed, using one function call.

This is a pretty small piece of code, that justs splits and joins videos given a list
of start and end times. It doesnt need to change the bit rate or frame size - which
should make the processing very fast. We would prefer to use the mp4 format.
If you plan to call a 3rd party plugin, you must let us know, it must be freely
distributable and preferably without a separate install program.

It must also be able to optionally merge a different wav file (in the same folders.
as the video) with an individual clip being merge

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