Wikimedia and Excel job for biodiversity project

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

The goal of this job is to generate checklists of invasive ant species that occur in Asia. Please describe the tools and methods you will use to complete this job with 100% accuracy.

*Target Countries:

*Antwiki Pages:

*Antkey Species:

Step 1. Filter Target Countries list for 'Location = South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia'. Also include the region Borneo (

Step 2. Extract species names from Antwiki Pages. Best way to do this will be to go to the Edit section of the page (example: Species names are given in double brackets (example: [[Acropyga kinomurai]]). Do this for each Target Country. Create Excel worksheet 'Antwiki Pages' with country names as column headers. Paste extracted species names below each corresponding Country.

Step 3. Copy 'References' from the bottom of Antwiki Pages. Paste copied text into a new worksheet 'References' with Country Name as columns headers.

Step 6. Copy URL of Antwiki Pages. Make new worksheet 'URLs' with Country Name in column 1 and URL in column 2.

Step 5. Filter lists generated in Step 2 by Target Ant Species. Save filtered lists in a new worksheet 'Target Species'.

Step 6. Create new worksheet 'Compiled'. For each country do the following. Row 1 = Country Name. Row 2 = Antwiki URL. Paste Antkey Species list from Step 2 below URL. Paste References below Antkey Species list.