Branding design for new 'eco-chic' tea range

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Job Description


I'm looking to market-test a new product and need some accompanying branding to do so.

The product is a new range of organic teas pitched at the environmentally-conscious 18-25 y/o female market. The teas will be:

-100% organic
-Free of synthetic inputs
-Not have undergone pesticide or chemical fertilizer use during growing
-Not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives
-Decaffeinated using natural processes.

The brand/logo design needs to be young and hip/chic, or what I would call 'environmentally chic', and appeal to a socially conscious female audience. Key design target words to keep in mind: chic, organic, fresh, positive, young, fun. Here is a terrific example of the exact kind of 'feel' that I am looking for: (file also attached with a picture example from the website)

White and pastel colors (pinks, yellows, light blues, greens) are essential in the coloring of the design, and need to pull together an overarching 'organic' feel, avoiding the use of traditional, 'grumpy' tea packaging design colors such as dark browns/greens/reds/yellows.

I will need the design digitally mocked up on tea boxes, preferably both square and oblong, similar to the boxes at the above website address.

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