Improving of php scripts (yahoo finance)

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I would like to change the way of gathering data from yahoo.

Please find attached files - currently script cron.php is getting currencies list from module table (file modules.sql) and then download data for each pair of currency and saving into database (rates_history.sql)

Because script is getting data for each pair separately, for more currencies it takes lots of time and also creates hundreds of separate downloads from yahoo.

I found that is possible to take more than one currencies at once, for example.

In other words, just add +AAABBB=X for each entry at the end.

So my idea is to get at once all possible pairs for one currency for example, if we have 10 currencies like this:

at first time script should take
at second time we get another currency
and add so one.

Thanks to this script will be run only 10 times instead of 100, and I will have results for each pair both way (USDPLN and PLNUSD)

Please do not hesitate to contact me if any additional information are needed.

Skills: yahoo, finance

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