Setup Assistance and Coding to link Sugar CRM to WordPress Webiste

Setup Assistance and Coding to link Sugar CRM to WordPress Webiste


Job Description

Developer with WordPress, S2member and Sugar CRM integration experience sought.

We need someone knowledgeable in SugarCRM, Word Press Websites and with the WordPress s2Member plugin to provide advice regarding setup methodology, coding, setup assistance and the code necessary to consistently enable SugarCRM and s2Member to share information.

We currently have two sites that capture leads through a squeeze page which passes the person’s name and email into our CRM tool, SugarCRM. Inside the CRM we have recorded what types of products, if any, this person has purchased in the past. What we would like to do is to create a new s2Member user based upon previous purchases so we can give appropriate access to website. For example,

Person 1 has purchased product A -> new s2Member user with access at Level 0
Person 2 has purchased product A and B -> new s2Member user with access at Level 1
Person 3 has purchased product only product C -> new s2Member user with access at Level 2

Major Action Steps
1. Determine the best way to accomplish our goal.
2. Create code that will look at a lead as soon as it is created so it can see if a person with the same email already exists as a contact in Sugar who has done business with us before.
3. If the person has done business with us before, create a new user in s2Member at the corresponding membership level.
4. If the lead has not done business with us before, create a new user in s2Member with membership level 0.
5. If a new product is purchased and added to Sugar to have a means whereby Sugar notifies s2Member to upgrade access to the appropriate level. (Nice to have but not required)

It is preferable for this routine to be executed every minute.

Ideally we would like to execute this from inside the Scheduler in SugarCRM. This would be the most preferable method for us as we move forward.
Resources Available – For tomorrow’s discussion

n my discussion with s2Member technical support it appears that a beta version of API code already exists to create members via php script, and we will make that available.

The array passed to s2Member will have variables defined as follows:
• user_login will be captured from the person's first name within SugarCRM.
• user_ email will be capture from lead record within SugarCRM.
• user_pass should be a generic "123456" for each user. We will need to trigger an email through SugarCRM workflow advising the individual to change his/her password, and this workflow item will not be included in the scope of the project.
• first_name captured from lead record in Sugar.
• last_name If available will be captured from Sugar.
• s2member_level will be determined based upon a look up of the person's past purchase history if available
• s2member_ccaps is a variable that allows us to set custom capabilities. We will leave this blank for our purposes.
• s2member_registration_ip if we happen to have the ability to capture this, great, otherwise optional.
• s2member_subscr_gateway pass the text string "SugarCRM".
• s2member_subscr_id can be left blank.
• s2member_custom will be the domain name of the site. In this case
• s2member_auto_eot_time is a string variable that will need to be set to a one year expiration from the current date
• opt_in set to a value of "1" in the event that we want to process listservs
• custom_fields array that we will leave empty at this time as we are not using custom fields
• s2member_notes Will be the text string "Administrative notation: Created via API call."
• notification a text string set to "1". This prompts s2Member to prompt admin about a new user being created.