Drupal expert needed! Design a Drupal 7 theme.....

Drupal expert needed! Design a Drupal 7 theme.....


Job Description

Job Description:

We are looking for a Drupal expert to make a Drupal 7 theme for our company website. We will give you a small html website (5 pages) that has some attributes that we would like to carry forward in the new design. We are looking for an expert in Drupal, a person that is a true themer and not a person that claims to be.

This project will start right away. After we have time to review the contractors and examples of work they have done.

We need the following functionality implemented:

1. Create a Company theme based on Drupal 7 for us.

2. Must carry some of the attributes from the html website that we have provided to you. Things like color scheme and some parts of the layout area. Also incorporate theme design attributes that we would like to have in our new theme. Some of those attributes you can see in themes like Blue Masters, Corporate_blue, Professional Pro, Modern Theme.

3. The only exception to the rule is if you can present a theme similar to those that would work well for our business. We would be open to using a different theme then.
That theme must be clean and professional looking. But we will make the final call on the theme on which one we will use. The final decision falls in our hands and not the other way around. We would like to see the layout design before building the final theme in Drupal. Our preferred way would be based on a Photoshop-PSD file. The file would be readable by CS5 which we currently use.

4. Make the contact form that people fill out be sent to us by email. Should have captcha or similar verification on the page to make sure it’s not a computer filling it out.

5. Make the Contact Us page work and have the information be stored into a MySQL database. We must be able to refer back to the database on those clients for future use.
The layout of the contact form is designed and created. The form previously used java to work. This feature was sent to us by email, but doesn't work anymore. These are all requirements of this job we would like to get to work.

6. Upon Completion, you will send the MySQL database and all theme file to make the Drupal theme run. If required, the module that the theme needs to operate. We will upload the files into Drupal and take care of the rest.

We’re looking for a short-term contractor to develop and build a custom theme for our company website, which could lead to more of a long term contract. We are designing the theme as a template to have the content rewritten around it. This is a template design which is a fixed cost to develop, but will probably lead to an hourly job if we like your work.

The ideal developer has:

1. Must be fluent in English and have great communications skills.
2. Successfully developed Drupal 7 themes in the past and are able to present samples.
3. Must have good design sense and be a graphic designer. Must be able to take directions from us, but be able to make the design their own. Not just give me back a stand look and feel. Be able to find pictures and images that will work well with the web page or the design creates them on their own.
4. Strong experience in general website development. Now things like PHP, CSS, HTML5, is a must and Ruby on Rails is a plus.
5. You must be familiar with themes like Blue Masters, Corporate_blue, Professional Pro, Modern Theme. If not familiar with these designs then go to drupal.org and look them up under themes. We will only except the site to be in Drupal 7 version.
6. Must have great organizational and time-management skills to get work done on schedule.

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your Drupal experience, including examples of past work.
2. You can request a copy of the html files after I have seen some of your work.
3. Send me a PSD file of what you believe what the new website should look like. Along with your ideas to make that website stand out and be your design.
4. Must be able to start the project right away and complete the project by the completion date.
5. Unless we both agree that it can’t be completed by then and come up with a new time frame.

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