Designer Wanted for Electronic Music Site

Designer Wanted for Electronic Music Site


Job Description

Neon Vision Entertainment is an electronic music collective. We engineer experiences through our blog, events, contests and pictures in order to raise awareness on the EDM scene.

Now we are looking to create a new platform that allows users to view upcoming EDM events.

We're hoping that through the use of geographic linking, there's a way for users to log in with Facebook or through an account they create on our site, type in their zip code, and see all the EDM events. Similar to Google Maps, ideally there's a map that shows the location of each event and when the cursor scrolls over the event, a drop down appears revealing the location, headliner name, date of the event, and a link to purchase tickets. We are under the assumption that Google Maps has an open API for developers to use to build our site.

Also, we are envisioning a mobile application for this site as well and we'd like to use the same contractor if at all possible.

We can compile a comprehensive list of websites and keywords where the crawler would need to search on a daily basis to automatically update the site/application.

Skills: mobile-application-development, google-maps