Designer and Copywriter for Brochure

Designer and Copywriter for Brochure


Job Description

I am finding an excellent designer and copywriter for an 8-page (front and back), A4-sized brochure for the websites below:


The layout will be something like:

1 front page
6 content page
1 back page (showing our office and website address)

The brochure will be using the information given inside the website and your copywriting skills is needed to give the brochure more style and substance.

This means that you will be creating 3 different brochures for 3 different websites.

This should include the source files for future edits.

2 quality version needed:
1. Website downloadable / email attachment (Medium quality with compressed size)
2. Hardcover printable version (High resolution for printing purposes)

*update: 4 page is changed to 8 page, size of brochure is added

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