Looking for teachers/professors/tutors/principals for hifikids.com!

Looking for teachers/professors/tutors/principals for hifikids.com!


Job Description

Are you a working Teacher or Professor or Tutor or Coach or Principal or Scout Leader? And looking for a niche platform for your students to practice your own tutorials or quizzes or Scout Activities along with decent incentives? Then here is a system for you! Hifikids.com has developed a patent pending method to track the growth of children’s passion for their interests in education friendly online networking environment. This is how it works:
1. The Teacher creates Quizzes/Tutorials and submit into HiFiKids Passion School
2. HiFiKids approves the Quizzes (for the contents)
3. Quizzes are available for practice to all un-paid or paid members. Quizzes can also be restricted to only paid members if Teacher is a paid member in which case Teacher will earn percentage of each student's yearly subscription fees.
4. Teacher encourages their students to join HiFiKids.com and subscribe to their Quizzes for practice.
5. The students are encouraged to submit the quizzes in their own interested subjects to earn score points.
6. Once the quiz is approved and posted, the student receives points (4 points for a video quiz, 3 points for an image quiz or 2 points for a simple text quiz). Student also receives 1 point for answering their teacher's Quiz.
7. The students are encouraged to practice their Teacher's quizzes to gain 1 point every time they answer it correctly.
8. A bar graph is derived from these bins (Science,Math, Sports etc.) to see their growing passion.
9. Teachers are benefited by HiFiKids incentives in paid membership and students get quality education from their own teachers.
Students can then generate their own passion certificate and passion chart! This is world's first Passion school where Teachers are awarded for their niche Quizzes/Tutorials and students are benefited for their growing passion.

If you are a teacher/professor/tutor/coach/principal and like to execute the program described above then please contact! We will give you $50 for each class you create for minimum 10 students who joins your class and also you will be eligible for incentives (20%) for each paid member who joins you to practice your quizzes.

Skills: video, science, sports

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