Writer Wanted for Social Media Guide


Job Description

I need a writer who can create a step-by-step guide for Social Media for a specific website.

I am calling it a playbook because it should give the website owner all the options and directions for what to do with his site.

The guide needs to be a minimum of 30-40 pages and needs to be in-depth with every step laid out for social media on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The guide should be called a playbook and needs to outline exactly what the website owner should do on a monthly basis for the next 6 months. You can use the 4 months of social media work as a guide to what they should continue to do.

The guide should have templates and examples of what different post types should look like and sound like on each channel (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) with examples from what's already previously been done. Guide should also show how to accomplish the task with instructions and directions for each step.

Social media principles need to be the latest and most relevant and should be sourced and cited where possible.

Please tell me:

- Your social media experience
- Your writing ability
- Your process for creating the step-by-step guide