MATLAB/Simulink ~ Sonic Sensor


Job Description


• Simulink
• DSP System Toolbox
• Data Acquisition Toolbox
• Signal Processing Toolbox
• Must be proficient with Microchip DSP and MATLAB modules &
• Task will encompass programming a Microchip dsPIC33F processor
used to detect, digitize and process a 25KHz signal
• The ‘tool boxes’ will be applied to develop a set of DSP algorithms,
which will eventually need to be converted to C code and
programmed into the dsPIC33F processor

Project Overview:

The project will require using Matlab to analyze a 25 KHz pulse-echo signal
to identify specific signal characteristics in either the time domain or
frequency domain. The signal will be digitized and processed using the DSP
and signal processing algorithms available in Matlab. M code functions
might need to be developed, or modification of open source functions.

If you have a working knowledge/background of the prerequisites listed above, please contact us as-soon-as possible for further details, resume and BID submission! Must sign a NDA if awarded the project.