Reskin an iOS App

Reskin an iOS App


Job Description


this job is to reskin the iOS App:

You will get:
- iPhone XCode Project
- iPad XCode Project
- Ideas on the New Theme for the Game

To Do:
- Game Concept based on the New Theme
- There are about 100 Images in the game to be changed. Many of them are just slight variations of another image. This includes buttons, or 4 slightly different images of characters in an effort to show animation. (Texture Packer Pro to be used)
- New Sounds
- New App Icon
- Small programming changes

The game was reskinned already but others, so the code is of good quality.

New Stunning Design Is A Must!

If you do the work well and fast, you can get other reskin jobs from me.

Thank you!

Skills: design, mobile-application-development