Drupal + app developer android + iphone

Drupal + app developer android + iphone


Job Description

We are making a web service with a twitter-like functionality as well as an app to go along with it. Ideally we want an all-in-one programmer who can see this whole project through.

Users will be able to follow, create groups and send messages, both private and public. They comment on each others messages. The app will be able to send and receive messages as well.

Messages will have 1 out of 3 attributes:
1) a Challenge
2) a package of challenges
3) a regular message

On the web service there will be a Store feature for users to sell and share their Ebooks, audio and video material. This material can be rated and reviewed in the store.

The whole service will be based on connecting users interested in the same topics in as many different ways as possible and get them to go out and do challenges in real life.

We have the designs ready to go and we will make milestone payments.
Since good communication will be essential there can be no language barrier.

1. Your Drupal experience, including examples of your past work
2. Your app making experience, including examples of your past work
3. The phrase "I can do it" to prove you read this far.