Convert Google Docs Folder to Static HTML Files (python)

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Write a Python script that uses the Google Docs API to download the contents of a Google Docs folder, convert those that have been updated since the last run of the script to static HTML, and then scp to a provided server. The folder may contain subfolders, which should be maintained as directories when converting to static files.

- Google Docs identifier
- server name + path

You can assume that there will only be one heading level 1 in each document. The text of that heading should be used for the title of the document. The filename of the document should be whatever the title of the document is converted to lowercase, with spaces replaced by hyphens, and all other special characters removed.

Any comments assigned to images should be assigned as the image's alt text, that is the text of the comment should appear instead of X below:

All other headings should be maintained, as should tables and other structural components of the page. This is probably already done by the Google API.

Here is an example folder: