Comparative Report


Job Description

I am looking for someone who can make an exemplary article comparing the SONA 2012 and SONA 2013 of the Philippines.

One who get hired must submit 20 articles that relate well to the following principles:
1. Leadership profile
2. Style of leadership with competencies
3. Assessing leadership
4. Leadership gap now and future
5. Assessing the derailment potential
6. Potential challenges
7. Organizational theory
8. Organizational behavior
9. Human resource management
10. Industrial relation with analysis
11. Strategic management
12. Strategic goal gap
13. Strategic analysis
14. Organizational training needs analysis
15. SWOT analysis
16. PEST analysis
17. Organizational management
18. Organizational demands with organizational analysis
19. Organizational risk and organizational risk analysis
20. Force field analysis

Note: $2 per article per principle.

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