Django programmer - Monthly pay.


Job Description

We're a small development team working on one ongoing project with small subprojects (django apps). We use github for version control. The sub-projects usually have a limited scope of 2-3 weeks each.

Your role would be mostly backend-related with dabbling in postgresql, data modeling, coding, migrations, version control, enhancing the software development process.

There is an existing code base that you would have to get used to but it's pretty well organized and self-explanatory.

We're looking for someone who has time availability and can work exclusively with us on a monthly basis. We pay on time and regularly. There will be a test period to start.

To apply please provide the following:

- Amount of years you've worked in django and in python.
- One django project you've been involved with and your role in it. If a link is not present, please describe it.
- What you studied in college (not necessary)
- Plus: your github and/or stackoverflow link to your public profiles.
- Plus: blog, twitter, or similar if you write about software-related subjects.
- Plus: one thing you like and dislike about django 1.5 and why.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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