Small Website-design-programming-SQL-Video


Job Description

Please read all the requirements below before applying

I am looking to have someone create a website for a VOIP based phone company. I will purchase one of the templates below to start off, then I will want design modifications, maybe a bit of added joomla or java script programing. I will also need some programming to pull some other information and do some reporting via API with another website. Possibility for some other small programming. I will also need to create an animated demonstration video that will be one of the pages. (I might find another provider for the video, but if you do both even better).

Here are the areas I need
1) Website design/Modification of template (I want an expert creative designer)
2) Programing, API pulls, SQL query possibilities, maybe a little more
3) Animated Video creator (Optional, because I can find another source for this).

Requirements for a provider for this job. You must be:
1) Super reliable.
2) Excellent communication. Must respond to all emails, calls, etc.
3) High quality work.
4) Fast. I need this done (or most of it, maybe not the API part), in a few weeks.
5) You must agree to get the job done and make sure I am completely satisfied with this job.

I have hired many people on Freelancer and a few people on ODESK> I am great to work with and I am willing to give new people a shot, but they must prove themselves.


I will use one of these templates

Competitor website I like
A website that I like the home page style.

Skills: voip, design, video