Contest system implementation in Drupal 7

Contest system implementation in Drupal 7


Job Description

Looking for an experienced Drupal 7 site builder/developer to implement a contest platform.

The basic concept of this platform is that every article (or node type of my choice) and every comment submitted by users is in competition. Three contest types should be supported:

-- Recurring contests for articles: “Best Article of the Day/Week/Month.” These should be configurable for the time period of our choice, with one contest beginning immediately after the previous one ends. Every article should be entered into the next (not current) such contest upon initial publication.

-- Recurring contests for comments, operating on the same principles as above.

-- One-time contests for articles, e.g. “Best Dog Article,” with contest themes chosen by our editors or by authenticated users with editor moderation.

Ideally, it should be possible for an author to enter her article into any number of one-time contests that are currently active or have been announced for a future date, in addition to the automatic entry into the next recurring contest. However, if this is impractical, a single active or upcoming one-time contest may be chosen by the author in lieu of the automatic entry.

Customizable emails should be sent automatically to users when contests into which their articles and comments have been entered begin and end, and when they are declared winners.

For the second part of this project, you are asked to implement a unique rating system in which an article’s or comment’s rank within a contest leaderboard should be determined half (50 out of 100 points) by a traditional quality rating as voted by users, and half (the other 50 out of 100 points) by the quantity of ratings received by that article during the contest period. Note that the latter half of this calculation requires tracking the maximum number of ratings received by any article which is part of a given contest, and updating the contest points for all such articles whenever this value changes. Rating widget choices should be flexible, though we envision a five-star model for articles and a thumbs up/down model for comments.

To assist us in screening candidates, please provide a brief description of how you would approach the contest points calculation.