Bookkeeping for eCommerce Website (EU Company Taxes)

Bookkeeping for eCommerce Website (EU Company Taxes)


Job Description

Bookkeeper needed to do some basic... bookkeeping for an eCommerce website. My current contractors file a row in an excel file with the order's amount received under "Income" and then the amount that order costs to buy from my supplier under "Expenses." They will continue doing that for you.

What I need from a bookkeeper is to file the rest of the expenses of the business like refunds, hosting expenses, AdWords, skype etc.

You will be adding those lines under the "Expenses" next to the supplier's expenses filed by my current contractors and also gathering the invoices for each service (AdWords, skype etc) in pdf format as all that will be then sent to my Accountant in a nice and TIDY manner for filing.

Actually that is the process we are currently using. If you think you can do it more efficiently (e.g. with Quickbooks) be my guest.

Currently there isn't too much work so probably a few days at the beggining of each month will do but if you do a good job you will be our bookkeeper for all of our future projects also and that might mean working full-time.

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