A REST-ful web service that talks to a mysql database


Job Description

We need to get a simple CRUD RESTFUL web service developed for a website that we are developing. The scope of work includes coming up with MySQL tables based on the provided schema and then writing read/write/update/delete restful interfaces for each of the tables provided. The service needs to understand JSON and accepting and retrieving data should be in JSON. There are 8 database tables that need to be developed but the restful interfaces are lesser in number since a put can result in data in two tables linked through a foreign key etc.
Overall, its a lightweight service with little logic / code implementation but for us quality is of utmost importance, and the restful service needs to adhere to production code standards, this means request logging/debugging, request validation, proper exception handling and logging etc. There isn't a strict requirement for any specific programming language for this project but Python and/or Java might be preferred.
Please send samples of your work that would help us ascertain your expertise and quality of your work in this domain. Also, please provide a ballpark estimate of how much time and money might be required for completion. We have a detailed spec available and can be shared with qualified bidders for exact project scoping after we look at their sample work quality and time and money requirements.
Please note that you should be willing to work on weekend ( Saturday/Sunday) for meetings and for providing status updates etc.

Skills: json, web-services