Produce Drawings for Net Zero Energy mid rise apartment building

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Job Description

I am developing a net zero energy mid-rise apartment building in toronto. I am preparing the application for submission to the City of Toronto for approval.

I have floor plan and elevation drawings of the 30,000 sq ft 3 floor building exterior but need to make some minor modifications to the building layout (original archicad files) and create a couple new drawings to depict the solar power components before submitting the application to the city

The floor plan and elevation pdf of the building is attached - Lansdowne Ave Application.pdf

A sketch of the solar power components to be incorporated into the building is attached - roof layout.pdf Note more components still need to be added.

A sample 3d view of house using similar solar power components is attached to illustrate the type of presentation I want to use to depict the solar power components in the mid-rise apartment building.
Ecoterra page5 final 1.pdf

I have also attached a highlighted overview of the zero energy building concept and its components,. Zero Net Energy Ammendment.pdf and Appendix H Solar Energy.pdf

About me: I have a mechanical engineering degree from university but have not officially practiced in the profession for a few decades.

The scope of work will expand significantly after the application has been approved by the city. Hoping to find someone who can do the above preliminary drawings and can then follow through once approval has been granted and the project continues on.

Thank you for your time. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Neil Swanson

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