Sales, Marketing and Ideas person


Job Description

Varied role for growth stage company in the rapidly growing and highly interesting field of Health and Fitness at work. Start up firm based in Southampton with workforce of 5 spread on 3 continents ( all odesk and flexi hours)

The company sells a range of products online for desk based workers to be more active. This includes standing desks, ball chairs and "Desk Gym" equipment. ( Type that last sentence into google and you'll get a better idea). Future products in the next year will include
1) free and subscription software ( 2 years in development) to accompany the various fitness products and
2) "Active Worker" training services to large corporates

Up to now sales have largely been to individuals. Going forward the intention is to sell to corporates and offer a complete service to transform sedentary workplaces into something a lot more fun and active. The idea is similar to this but our company goes much further in the range that it can offer

The role is part time 5-15 hours a week initially. As it's a startup expect the work to be varied so if you don't mind tackling different tasks with limited instructions then this could be for you.

Most of the work is done at home, online but probably 2-3 hours a week will be spent at customer sites delivering workshop material or speaking to potential partners. Occasional ( 2-3 x a year) need to attend 2-3 day trade fairs as an exhibitor ( unfortunately this is a key requirement so worth thinking hard if you might not be able to meet this)

As an immediate set of tasks to give an idea:
* finding stores around the UK where customers can try before they buy the various products online ( eg. the electric standing desks)
* doing PR work to publicise the need for less sedentary office and in particular this firm's solutions to that problem
* getting the Facebook and Twitter channels established in a meaningful way and creating blogging / news articles
* attending occasional trade shows ( fully paid on a day rate ). The next one being the Health at Work Show - NEC March 5-7 as an exhibitor, preceded by SMMEX show in London March 4 ( as a visitor - we're there to get sales and marketing ideas)
* helping devise and presenting workshop materials to large corporates on how they can modify the workplace for more active working
* devising and organising IdealWorld TV campaigns ("As seen on TV") for certain products
* looking for opportunities to promote and sell the brand and the products amongst various industry sectors ( fitness industry, health care, corporate world)
* looking for opportunities to extend the product range and co-promote other products where it fits in with the brand
* possibly launching a UK ( London initially) version of the recent Empire State Building Run-Up in order to promote the brand

So the role requires the following:
* UK based, with ideally London knowledge ( no need to apply if outside due to location based work)
* ideally degree standard education or at least very competent in written and spoken English due to copywriting requirements
* presentable, approachable and confident along with being adaptable to differing requirements
* self motivated and can generate leads and convert ( this is not hard selling though - the idea is to educate companies via 1-2 hour training workshops and hopefully that will translate to sales). Commission on top of hourly rate related to sales which we can discuss)
* able to advise and co-create sales and marketing plan
* web literate in the sense that you can navigate unfamiliar interfaces. All the companies tools are cloud based ( MindMeister, Google Docs, Dropbox, Google Analytics and Google Adwords ). Knowledge of the last 2 are not essential as this will probably be outsourced but an understanding of adwords campaigns and how to monitor success or otherwise would be good
* ability to communicate ideas to graphic designers for print and online promotional material
* bonus would be knowledge of the fitness industry or if not knowledge about exercise, health and the problems associated with modern lifestyles that the "Keep Fit at Work" company slogan tries to address

If you're looking for something that offers routine, consistent weekly hours and without too much challenge this is probably not for you. In fact it definitely isn't
If, on the other hand, you like the idea of working on something that customers get genuinely excited about, in a greenfield industry with the potential to revolutionize the workplace and feel you fit the criteria then please apply

Skills: training, english, twitter, facebook, typing, marketing