Interactive E-Learning Software Development [Negotiable]

Interactive E-Learning Software Development [Negotiable]


Job Description

Hi, we are looking for a web application built for us as soon as possible.

We have looked at Articulate Storyline, and we are happy with the many options it delivers, but it does not have two functions we consider essential: it needs to be able to accept user uploaded text and photos, and it needs to publish the photos and text into a PDF template at the end of the course.

Otherwise, it should behave similar to Articulate. It should be HTML5 compatible, animate, incorporate photo/video/sound, accept different types of questions (multiple choice, essay, drag/drop, matching), etc.

I realize that mimicking Articulate's many features will not be feasible for one project, so please present some options, whether building plugin/extensions to use with Articulate, or custom-building each course.

We don't have a budget in mind for this so please submit bids with options. Thank you.