Talented Graphic Designer to do Reskin Candy Crush -esk (Viva Stampede) Game for iOS (with 20% bonus)

Talented Graphic Designer to do Reskin Candy Crush -esk (Viva Stampede) Game for iOS (with 20% bonus)


Job Description


We are seeking an experienced Graphic Designer who is very skilled (and awesome at their job) to reskin an iOS puzzles game that is avaiable for iPhone 4", iPhone 3.5" and iPad. The general look and feel for this match-3 style game will be centered around "Pumpkin Patch, Hay Ride and Corn Maze" theme.

Viva Stampede - http://bit.ly/1ek0Q3n

1. Our ideal candidate will be someone who is passionate about designing pixel perfect apps. We want our apps to be the highlight of your portfolio. If you have a dry personality or miss deadlines, this probably isn't for you.
2. Good communication skills is a must. We are seeking a long-term partner, and this app will be a test of sorts

1. Contractor Sign NDA.
2. All Files Shared via Dropbox

1. Reskinning 459 images with the "Pumpkin Patch, Hay Ride and Corn Maze" theme.
2. Create App Icon and export in all filesizes required for iOS 6 and the larger iOS 7 filesizes.
3. All adobe and vectors required ot make the app will be delivered for quick future "tweaking".
4. This oDesk contract is for $300 with 0% upfront. All oDesk fees are included in this amount, and anytime we negotiate prices, we are always talking in terms of our budget which is the same as the oDesk contract amount. The amount paid to you, the contractor will have to be manually calculated on your own.

1. Submit the first pass of the main view of the game (can be mockup or we can update the assets inside of xcode and quickly upload to TestFlight to see the main view in action (25% Payment)
2. Submit completed main view of the game to be run inside of Xcode for demo purposes (50% Payment)
3. Complete all other app reskin assets, icons, and screenshots and deliver to client. (100% Payment)

1. All images are reskinned to Project Manager's initial art direction; all files maintain the meta attributes as they were original given prior to reskin; all files uploaded to the shared dropbox folder.
2. Icons and Screenshots are delivered, and are the right dimensions as specified by Apple; and uploaded to dropbox.
3. Adobe files and vectors are uploaded to dropbox shared folder.

1. This contract is for 300 with 0% upfront. However, if this is a success, you will have a constant flow of both reskins and original iOS games in the future. We currently have 3 graphic designers, but are looking to add 2 more. We hope you become a permanent team member.
2. BONUS: If project is completed as defined above and by Thursday 9/19/13 (15:00 CST) (GMT -5), then a bonus will be paid in the amount of 20% of the contract amount. No bonus will be awarded after this date unless it was out of your control...I mean we are human and understand things out of your control happen, and we are dedicated to make sure you get EVERYTHING you need to succeed.
3. PENALTIES: A penalty of 10% will occur if the project is completed 72 hours after the deadline in #1. Deadlines.

1. Hitting deadlines. Very Important.
2. Complete all tasks listed under the scope of work with the highest integrity.
3. Constant communication on the progress of the job (check-in everyday via Skype or Voxer). Any delays or challenges need to be presented to the Project Manager immediately, so there are no suprises or unexpected setbacks. We are here to support you and help you get the job done quickly. The more communication the better. :)
4. We realize that delays may occur for reasons our of your control. We are human just like you, all we ask is that you keep in constant contact with us as we want to be sure that both the client and the contractor are happy and satifisied with the work being compelted.

1. We will be updating our apps often
2. We build apps that are intuitive and clean, and your portfolio needs to reflect that as well
3. Our near-term strategy is to provide a continuous stream of work as we plan to release a couple of dozen apps very quickly.

1. Awesome! When you apply, be sure to impress us with your portfolio, resume, and make sure your personality shows as much as possible. If chosen, we will message you by Tuesday, 9/20/13 by 12 PM CST, so be sure to apply quickly!!!!
2. Before you even say hello, make sure you put "the gold standard" at the very very top as we use this to filter candidates to make sure you read this. You know the drill...
3. Tell me your availability this week, we are all about deadlines, and we are going to execute 100%, so make sure you are available to do this. If not, no worries, we may have other jobs RIGHT NOW, just be honest on this one.