OpenLayers, Mapnik and OpenStreetMap to roll our own web maps

OpenLayers, Mapnik and OpenStreetMap to roll our own web maps


Job Description

We have calculated that if we use the Google Maps API we could be paying up to £50 GBP a day. We are therefore seeking our own solution based on open source technologies.

Our research has led us to believe that we can create an alternative to Google Maps using OpenLayers, Mapnik and OpenStreetMap. I believe these are the technologies that underpin We are seeking a developer to bring these technologies together into a software solution that:

1. Works through a HTML5 web browser (i.e. Chrome)

2. Has an API that can take a latitude and longitude and show a pin (with its own number) on a street map with street names. Ccoordinates can be specified in the URL (see below).

3. Can show any number of pins (e.g. 20,30,40 pins on a map) - each with their own reference.

4. Can refresh every 5 seconds to show the new pin locations (based on updated lats and longs). Refresh should NOT be visible (e.g. achieved via Ajax)

5. The map must be able to be zoomed in and out.

Basically... exactly this: but a solution that we can own and modify.

This will need to become part of a .NET 4.5 MVC 4 solution. We would therefore like this written in C# using Visual Studio and all source code to be passed over on payment.

Thank you.