Laser cut wedding invitation design

Laser cut wedding invitation design


Job Description

I have found discounted laser cut invitation printers online and would like to try something completely different with my wedding invitations. I want to create an invite that has layers, and these layers are cut into velum and paper so as you open the invitation, the layers show different 'scenes'. The invitation information will either be on each of the layers with a summary on the final sheet or however you design.

This will be a Sikh ceremony so you can see a sample traditional card that I would consider here:

The card can be any combination of foil, letter press, laser, special paper, etc

I am a more contemporary, CLASSIC ELEGANCE, kind of guy so that needs to be portrayed in the invitation.

Lastly, if you work for, or know a good printer that will produce these invitations, please send me a quote for 50 - with sending envelope, return envelope, and 3 RSVP cards.

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