Humorous Economic Writer for blog/op-ed

Humorous Economic Writer for blog/op-ed


Job Description

Write a story comparing the economic and societal benefits to both legalizing pot and fracking oil wells. The title will be "what to fracking and legalizing pot have in common?"

I'll give you more details, but I want you to be able to research what economic multiplier efffects happen when you produce goods locally vs importing them, specifically in the headline industries if possible. I'll give you all my talking points after I see some resumes.

Ideally, I'd like to find someone with interest and course work in economics who can add a little fun and humor into the post. You'll probably need professional type access to information - magazines like the economist and research papers, not just regular internet information.

I think this article is ~1,000 to 2,000 words. I am more interested in quality not quantity.
We will start out with a conversation on the phone where you can take notes, then we will probably go through a couple of revisions. I imagine this to be