Arduino Circuit designer prototyper room heater hacker

Arduino Circuit designer prototyper room heater hacker


Job Description

I am looking for a competent electrical engineer to design, simulate and ideally build/hack a room heater prototype using existing off the shelf parts.

Basically there are a bunch of room heaters consisting of a fan and a heater and a controller, but in owning and researching a bunch all they all have many issues, like being really dumb, cheaply made (most only last 1 season).

There are many examples of using Arduino and existing cookers to precisely cook food, which seem similar to me to what a room heater should do.

The closest is the vornado line of heaters.

I want to apply the same approach to small single room heating with a few variations:

+ better control of power (most heaters are 1500watt loads either ON or OFF, blowing circuits)
+ able to power a heater in a way not to overdrive it/electronics, there are so many toxic burning smells that prematurely end the life of the product and cause land fill.
+ better fan control, some thing better than off/on.
+ remote temperature sensors (average out the sensor, e.g. if the sensor 6 ft away says it's 62 degrees the target temp 72, and the one on the heater says 80, it's not ok to shut off the heater)
+ phone controlled ui. (eventually), expose the internals via a web/REST ui.
+ shut the heater off if tipped over.
+ shut off the heater if the temperature is too high (thermal fuse?)

Skills: design

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