Beginner Link Builder Wanted

Beginner Link Builder Wanted


Job Description

I want a new and fresh link builder to work with me. I don't want an experienced link builder, all I need is someone with the interest to learn from me. I am a master when it comes to SEO and I have a lot to teach. When you work with me for a month or two, your knowledge about SEO will increase drastically.

When you work with me all you need to do is have basic knowledge about link building and the ability to work hard and listen to my instructions thoroughly. Basic knowledge means if I ask you to get 1000 links from 1000 random sites with random hyperlinks, you should be able to do that without my help and you should be able to identify websites who might want to link to me and sites related to my niche. I will teach you to tricks to make those links powerful, but you should have the basic linking skills.

I want someone to work full time, then if I like the output I will give out bigger projects. I will not accept bids over $0.25/hour. Tell me in your cover letter why I should hire you.