On-going Wordpress-configuration/submitter job for blogs

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I am currently looking for a contractor with experience regarding wordpress and SEO-optimization.

The job consists of putting together different wordpress blogs in a certain way (instructions will be given) and there after adding different pre-written text articles in blog pages and posts. The focus will be on functionality and SEO and not on aesthetics.

I want to clarify that you will be given precise instructions for all Wordpress- and SEO-configurations. That means that you will be handed a step-by-step guide that needs to be followed. This guide will walk you through all steps that need to be completed for the blog to count as finished. In other words, I am not looking for a contractor to set up a SEO-plan of perform an SEO-analysis, but I am looking for a contractor with experience with Wordpress and SEO who is thorough, efficient, frequently available, good at taking and following instructions and knows what a good SEO-article should look like.

The text will mostly be in English so English proficiency is a requirement. Spanish proficiency will be regarded as a strong asset. Blog-projects in other languages other than English will be possible to take on even without mastering the specific language though.

A general description of the work flow is presented below:

1. You receive a domain, related text-articles and the blogs SEO-keywords to focus on.
2. You would install wordpress and a given theme and then configure it according to given instructions.
3. You would format the given text-articles in to blog pages and posts (usually five different text-articles where as one would work as the frontpage of the blog and the rest at blog posts).
4. You would control so that every title and header includes the keyword, and also so that the keyword-density is between 2-4 %.
5. You would insert pre-written meta-descriptions and control so that the keyword is included.
6. You would correct any parts which are deemed faulty on step 4 and 5.
7. When the blog is finished you would send an email of confirmation and a status report.

This job will be an on-going long term establishment where I am expecting you to work very independently. The work-load will vary but I would like to see that one blog would be configured and finished within 48 hours after receiving the information.

Since the work-load will vary I would be happy to see an approximate bid on how much you would charge for every blog-project (count every blog to include 5 pre-written text-articles where the total amount of words would be around 1700).


The wage is equal to $8 per blog. The payment will be processed weekly, and the amount will answer to the amount of finished blog-projects.

Does this sound interesting to you? Apply for the job and let me know how your proposed salary per blog and an interview will follow.

Best regards,

Skills: english