Explainer/Infographic AfterFX Animator Needed for 40+ Minute Video

Explainer/Infographic AfterFX Animator Needed for 40+ Minute Video


Job Description

Please, watch this first! - http://evernoteanimated.com - if you have examples of this animation style, then I would be very pleased if you would read on:

Need animator/editor. 40+min Evernote video course. Will be primarily screen caps, but will need parts of the video animated for abstract and relational, real world application explanations. Style is very impressive, fun, and witty. I will supply all writing, music, and human narration, NOT sound FX.

I need you to be very comfortable with After Effects animation, Illustrator vector illustration, know your way around Photoshop for the most part, and you must use Final Cut 7 or Premiere (if you are amazing I'll switch to FCPX later). The more you can do, the more hours I can give you.

I would like to start off on a probationary period. I have some preliminary work the needs to be done on this last video. I want to cut it into two separate pieces. It will require a redit, additional illustration, and additional animation. After these vids are released, I will then begin planning my full video product. I'd like to see how you do on this task, and if everything goes well, I will continue to work with you on the full product. DUring this time I will probably be moving to Bali, Indonesia, so the time we can work together is very important. The duration of the full product product creation should be around 45 - 60 days of work, full time. We are also a company that makes animated infographic products, so this would only be the beginning.

We will be working together very closely, as I am a producer/editor/animator by trade, so I will be very clear on what I want, but will be expecting you to bring some creative juice to the table. We will clone each other's project folders, and send project files back and forth. We will be very organized. I know what I want, and I'm a lot of fun to work with. I understand what it takes to get something done, or if something is too much to handle.

Will be working primarily with purchased vector icons, will undoubtedly create original icon type vectors, and modify existing ones. You will be animating to music and audio edited and mixed by me. I will work very closely with you in the look and feel of the pieces, so watch that video up there, and make sure you feel like you're up for this style and pace, and that you're ready to work closely with a partner in this. This will be a quality piece of animation, and you will feel proud of it.

I want to see you examples of this style of infographic/explainer animation. PLEASE RESPOND WITH LINKS TO VIDEOS.

Skills: adobe-premiere, video, producer