Infrastructure Administrator

Infrastructure Administrator


Job Description

General Overview:
We provide a business to business SaaS mobile application (iOS) that connects to a SQL 2008 database/DMS. Our customers are located throughout the US and UK. During development, we are running on an Amazon EC2 framework and now need to add a production environment that will be provided by a US based hosting service. We wish to maintain a development environment on Amazon. We need to build a bridge between our Indian iOS development team and our US based backend developer as well as provide our team mature and seasoned guidance on issues relating to customer facing support issues that involve connectivity between the iPad application, database performance issues, backup, disaster recovery, data and file security, and environment replication.

Job Description:
Provide assistance moving our development environment application and database to a private cloud environment (hosting service located in US) but retain our current test environment on EC2. Additional work includes installing email notification (SMTP) triggered by database events and implementing SQL database encryption. Consultant will provide recommendations on safely storing confidential documents in a hosted environment, replicating the data and application if necessary, and potentially install environment in geo-distributed hosting locations. Must be familiar with EU data security requirements. Perform support and respond to customer issues as our SLA’s dictate and also be available to provide emergency support in the event of a disaster, outage, or software glitch. Maintenance of our marketing website is within the scope of this engagement.

Duration of Project:
Temporary, time determined by candidate’s proposal. Support activities will be
permanent and will be quoted by candidate.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Analyze and characterize current platform.
a. Platform is currently running in the Amazon cloud on an EC2 instance
i. OS is Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter edition
ii. SQL Server 2008 R2
iii. 11s 7.x
iv. 4.x

2. Install and configure a duplicate environment based on analysis
a. Test for all functionality including:
i. Notifications
ii. Document Routing
b. Install on final production infrastructure (not on Amazon, TBD)

3. Install and configure server email function.
a. Enable automated email alerts that may be either scheduled, or triggered by database

4. Security implementation a. SSL/TLS configuration for secure logins to website and secure connections between
server and app.
b. SQL Server database encryption.
c. Server files encryption.

5. Setup and test backup routines
a. Setup automated backups
b. Test backup integrity periodically

Skills: analysis, test, ipad, amazon